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Decisions and the feeling felt left behind... [Oct. 5th, 2004|05:25 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Yellowcard- View From Heaven]

Tonight is a sad night all of a sudden. I read a journal entry from my best friend from home and it made me feel so bad that I'm not home. College is great and I'm getting used to it, but sometimes it still gets lonely even though there is tons of people on campus. During the week my life is jammed pack but on the weekends it's great. We always have visitors up and it's fun. Eric, Neil, Mike, and Todd have all come up. It's been great. It was awesome to see Todd and talk about boot camp and just to see everyone and see what's up with them was great too.
Since my birthday I got a tattoo and my tongue pierced but I am sure most of you already know that so we can skip to what else is new. Boys- well I have been thinking about a situation I have been in for a long time. Well, thinking for about a month, but the situation itself has been going on for like 6 months. It's ridiculous to think you can feel nothing at one moment in time then feel the world the next. But I have this weird way of working out things with my heart. When I tell someone I like them, my heart just stops feeling the same way. I hate it. The past couple weeks have been a steady decline in the liking business and it's back to being single, without a crush. It sucks but I feel like I have no way of renewing or saving it. Downhill.
I miss Chelsea, Rich, and Ian the most out of everybody. It sucks not being able to drive 5 minutes up or down the road to see Rich and Chelsea, and it sucks not being able to physically see Ian cuz he's so damn far away. But I see Penn in my near future when I get pledging done with.
Meloncholy tonight with sad feelings, even though I've been in the best mood all day. But I've been sitting trying to do a paper and other work for a couple hours and sometimes it gets you to start thinking about random things. I hope I get the thinking out of my system now so I can fall asleep tonight or that is going to suck big time.
I have to go write down some stuff or occupy myself somehow.
To my Bow friend- keep trucking, senior year only gets better, but man do I miss you more than you know.